Polar Bear Themed Baby Shower

For a baby boy due in the winter I created a polar bear themed baby shower with whites and blues.
I love how it all turned out.

Here is the tablescape with all the yummy food.

Here are the cute polar bears that I used as inspiration.

 Lots of yummy food with links to recipes.


Lemon Strawberry Cupcakes.
No link. I just used a lemon cake mix and filled them with strawberry preserves and topped them with cream cheese frosting.

Powdered donuts.

I made white meringue kisses as well and flavored them with vanilla. 

A few more party details...

I cut cute little pennants to go around the cupcake stand.

These are the cute polar bear Oreo cookie party favors I gave out to guests as thank yous.
You can find instructions on how to make these party favors here.

This was a fun baby shower to plan and create. 
Thanks to my bestie for giving me the opportunity to do this!!

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