Halloween Candles

While I was thrift store shopping I found these cool candles. I love pillar candles and these have some awesome texture.

They were $1 each and their only problem was that they were burgundy.
Sorry, no before picture :)

I spray painted them black, lightly brushed them with Mod Podge & then sprinkled them with purple glitter. There was too much glitter at first, so I had to wipe off some to get "the right look".
But no need to worry though, they are for looks, not for lighting.

I love how they're just a little purple with the glitter.
As you can see, I also printed a haunted house picture from the internet and put it in the family frame.

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  1. Those are awesome!! Good job you! I going to steal all your ideas, and then decorate my house when Matthew is out of town!


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