Our Halloween Decor

Here are some pictures of what Halloween looks like around our house...

I just googled pictures on the internet and found these cool pics. I printed them out on paper & placed them over pictures I already had in my living room. I added a little glitter too :)

I found this skull at the thrift store for $2 and it lights up. I just rubbed some black paint on it and wiped it off so it would look less white. More pictures from the internet. Pumpkins posted about here.

This is another picture found on the internet & I just placed it over our wedding picture that was already framed in the living room :) The skull & goblets are from the dollar store. The potions are $1 bottles from the local craft store & have Easter egg color tablets in them to color the water. Labels were found here. The large potion bottle was from a local craft store from last year and it's filled with those really awesome water beads of different colors & skulls I had from last year.

Tray from dollar tree. Potions mentioned above. Candlestick I had lying around and spray painted black. Feathers I already had and they are from Hobby Lobby.

Picture in frame found on google and placed over picture that normally hangs there. Fake candles found here.

Skeleton from dollar tree. Tombstones from last year. Coffin I've had for.ev.er & couldn't even tell you where I got it!
Thanks for touring our home and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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  1. I love it! Very festive. You're so creative!

  2. Okay, your ouse is SpOoKy! I'm a little creeped out! Seriously awesome, but a little erie spooky. I know I'm a scaredy-cat! Good job you! You have decorating sKiLls!


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