Peppermint Perfection Cocoa Party

Every year my two friends (Tiffany & Lynne) and I have a girls' night cocoa party and we try to squish in as many women as we can into Lynne's house. It's so fun to plan and throw, but next year we might be looking for a new venue because we seem to be outgrowing Lynne's house :)

There's no questions who the true mastermind is behind our parties--it's Tiffany and if you haven't ever seen her creativity, you should go check it out! She usually has the theme picked out a year in advance :) Yes, she has next years' decided and no, we're not telling you ;) It sure does make it easier when we hit the after Christmas sales. I've already found some fun stuff for next year.
This year our theme was "Peppermint Perfection" and this was our tablescape.

This year our tablescape was really inexpensive. Tiffany wrapped empty boxes with wrapping paper that she already had. She also made the tissue Christmas trees, just like I posted about earlier. This is the cupcake stand I made from plates and candlesticks from the thrift store. And all the bulbs were ones that Tiffany and I already had in our decoration repertoire.

Cute peppermint details.

Milanos dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed peppermint.

Chips and homemade salsa. I had to make a double batch so my hubby could have his own and be happy :) I got this yummy recipe from Michie--Thanks girl!

Cheese ball and crackers. This recipe was Tiffany's and it was a hit! Super yummy!

Cute paper straws.

Pinned Image

Lots 'o mugs. These are way cute and believe it or not, they are from the Dollartree.

Cute paper details. Tiffany created & printed all the paper designs. So cute!!

Gotta have options when it comes to toppings.

And of course you can't have hot cocoa without the whip cream :)

Lynne got us all these lovely branches so we could hang ornaments.
It was too cute that her son was really into the branches while we were setting up. I bet he would love it if we would have left these up in his house all year round, but mommy probably wouldn't feel the same way ;)

More pretty ornaments.

Thank you gifts.

These are Hot Choco Sticks. They were made out of chocolate and vanilla & in the shape of snowmen. You just add them to warm milk and stir away.

Love those two ladies and I look forward to next years' already!
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  1. I am a new follower, loved your red and white theme so pretty. Looks like a fun time by all.

  2. Such a lovely gathering!! Looks like so much fun!! Everything was gorgeous! Love the hot chocolate bar very cool!! Thanks for the inspiration think I might throw one next year!!

  3. This looks awesome and super yummy! What fun! I featured your cake stand on my blog @ Hope you grab a featured button!


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