Wash cloths (Stocking Stuffer 1)

It's always fun to buy Christmas presents for our girls, but I enjoy making them something even more. I was trying to think of some things we could give our 3 month old girl. (Because a baby really cares, right?!) Anyway, I just trotted down to the sewing room to see what supplies I had. With what I had, I figured the baby could use some really cute wash cloths.
After I made some for the baby, I decided to make some for our other girls too.

These will go great in their stockings!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Love the product!

  2. Stopping by from UTT&D, I absolutely love these. Great idea.

  3. are these made out of cotton fabric and terrycloth?

  4. Sherry, those washcloths are made from cotton fabric and terry cloth. Thanks for stopping by!


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