We're a Two Tree Family

The Alba household is a two tree family because for years before any children were born, I had my own tree to decorate & I just couldn't give it up.
So we bought a second tree for the kids to decorate.
They have free reign on their tree and I get to decorate my own tree too :)
I just wanted to share pictures of my tree.

(Details of this tree photo: f-stop=f/25, Exposure time 10 seconds, ISO=800, Focal length=24mm, No flash)

(Details of this tree photo: f-stop=f/4.5, Exposure time 1/8 sec., ISO=800, Focal length=35mm, No flash)

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  1. What a great compromise!

    Beautiful tree by the way. I love how the lights sparkle on the 1st shot (star filter??)

  2. Love the pics dosh! and thanks for the photo info!

  3. Beautiful tree!
    I have a feeling that we will be a two tree family once kids come along as well.

    Thanks for linking up to my Holiday Open House.

  4. It's so fun for the kids to get to do their own thing on the tree. We only have one tree so the kids get to have the bottom 1/3 . . . we compromise for now. Someday I'll probably get another little one just for them. :)

  5. My, what a beautiful tree! I love the gold and red.

    Thanks for joining my link up!


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