PTR Week 3: Sequins, Feathers and Fur

Another week down! Thanks for voting!
I made it through another week!
Here's my project.
La petite fille aux Champs-Élysées: The Little Girl on the Champs-Élysées (French) She glides down the boulevard in her glamorous ebony gown wrapped in a faux zebra stole. C'est chouette! On her promenade, she will surely catch the eye of each passer-by.
Honestly, when this challenge was presented, I had some trouble getting excited about it. I wanted to make something that was practical and could be used as part of your everyday wardrobe. Then it occurred to me, this was my chance to go all out! So that's what I went for! I tried to portray the glamour of sequins, feathers and fur. I decided to try a verticle ruffle and a bustle. I thought it could either be really great or a big flop. Thankfully it turned out as I had hoped! The sequins are fashioned into a belt on the empire waist that adds to the luxury of the gown. The faux fur stole in a zebra print gives the gown an added flair and the feathers are in an eye catching hair piece that compliments its style and colors! Needless to say, by the time I finished this challenge, it ended up being really fun!
Nothing says glamour more than La petite fille aux Champs-Élysées.
I forgot to mention in my description, before the voting began, that I also made a tulle petti-skirt that is worn underneath the gown to show its fullness. Sorry, no pictures, because I just forgot and I was trying to hurry since it was so COLD outside! I made the bodice by using one of my daughter's dress as a pattern. For the bottom part, I cut about 16 4in x 80in strips and gathered them as I sewed them together. For the bustle I cut 4 8in x 40in strips and gathered them as I sewed them together & it's a looser gather than the rest of the dress. After the dress strips are all sewn together, I sewed the 2 end pieces together about 5 inches down leaving the rest open. I then attached the bustle between those 2 end pieces. I gathered the top opening to fit the bodice and sewed those together. The stole, was very simple. I just took my fabric piece, wrapped it around my daughter's shoulders, marked where I needed to cut to make it lay the way I wanted and then added 1/4in. black double fold bias tape around the edge. I left enough on the ends so it could be tied in a bow. So there's a basic description for ya! This girl is darling! She was doing her best to be a good sport and take pictures for me, even thought it was freezing outside! Thank you little sweetheart!

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  1. I seriously love that dress & the girl too! The back is amazing! Great job again Chelsea.

  2. So pretty - love all your details!!

  3. this is so adorable! i linked up to it from ptr...

  4. Thanks ladies! I appreciate the love!

  5. You did a magnificent job. It is beautiful. She looks ready for the gala event!

  6. What a beautiful dress and gorgeous girl! I love the gathers and it looks so elegant.

  7. This is soo adorable! I am loving the zebra shrug! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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