Valentine's Love T-shirt

Ahhh! Look at me! I'm soooo excited that my shirt is FaBuLoUs!
This shirt is done with the good ol' freezer paper stencil.
I used my Cricut to cut out the word, Amour - Love, as in the noun, in French, and the Eiffel Tower. Then I postioned them on the t-shirt and I ironed them shiny side down. Then I took out some fabric paint and filled in the stencil. On the Eiffle Tower, I didn't completely fill it in. I made sure the edges were crisp and then I dabbed and dragged the brush across the rest to give it a more textured look. After it dried, I pulled up the freezer paper and voilĂ ! You have a Valentine's T-shirt!
Here's a few links to some great freezer paper tutorials.
Click here and here
A tip for cutting freezer paper on the Cricut. Cut it shiny side up. The shiny side doesn't stick to the mat as well as the other side and it'll start coming up or tearing as it cuts. Another thing to consider, for most silhouettes it won't matter, but for your words, those will be backwards because the paper, when cut is shiny side up, but when you iron it, it's shiny side down. I don't know if there's a option to flip it on the Cricut. I used SCAL, a computer software I use with my Cricut, when making this. In that program, I had the option to flip it. So if you do that, you should have no problems.

Now let the inspiration come and you can make a fab shirt for your valentine!
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  1. Super duper cute Chelsea! I need to go buy some freezer paper :)

  2. i love this! i'd love for you to come link your creations up at my party today

  3. I LOVE this! I NEED one or two of these! You've deffinitely inspired me. I'm pullin out the silhouette this weekend ;P I would be delighted if you would link up your project at my VIP party today =)

  4. I was just trying to create something similar on my Silhouette yesterday! But I couldn't get the design just how I wanted it! This is perfect! I'd love for you to come link it up at my party today:

  5. Cute! I love freezer paper stencils!

  6. I LOVE this...french and all...SO cute! :0)

  7. I featured this on my blog today! Go grab a button:

  8. lovely! thanks for sharing and linking up! can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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