Valentine Heart Wreath

Love is in the air! Or should I say, on the door :)

I found this wreath at Deseret Industries for $3 and I thought it was the perfect shape for Valentines.
I was so excited because I'd been wanting an excuse to make another wreath.

Of course I had to strip it down so I could start with a blank slate.

I cut 3" strips of white fabric and used my hot glue gun to glue it on the wreath.

I wanted to do ruffles again, but I wanted to glue them face up on the wreath instead of wrapping them around the wreath.

I started by cutting strips of fabric. In this picture I cut them too small, so if you want to copy this wreath I'd use 2.5"-3" strips because you'll get a better ruffle with that size.

I used my sewing machine to ruffle the fabric. Just sew right down the middle of the strip with your machine set to gather. I think I used about a yard of fabric.

One I had my strips of fabric gathered, I hot glued them on the front of the wreath.

Just ignore that my ruffles are two different lengths. I decided to just go with it :)
Just glue each ruffle next to each other.

They need to be close together so you get the full effect.

This is the heart all ruffled up.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted my wreath to say welcome or love, so I had my husband decide.
I found chipboard in my stash and painted the letters red.

The red ended up being to plain, so I added some white sparkly swirly stickers.
I used my Cricut to cut out a chipboard piece for the background then I covered it with black velvet paper.

Glue the letters on, add a ribbon to hang it from and voila, you're done.
Oh, unless your me and decide that it still needs a little something more.

I found some ribbon in my stash that I thought would go with the wreath and decided to make some flowers.

Just gather the ribbon on your sewing machine, twist the ribbon and hot glue to hold it's shape & you have some beautiful flowers.

These are the flowers I made and then realized that I didn't like how the reds clashed.
So I looked through my flowers and found a red one & added a button in the middle and substituded it for the red on I just made.

Here they are on the wreath adding just the right touch.

And here's the wreath on the door.

Now, I'm just trying to decide if I need to add ribbon to the top to hang the wreath lower on my door. It looks great close-up, but from the street it looks like it may need to be lower on my door. Oh well, enjoy!
This really didn't take much time at all, that is, if you don't have children needing you at the same time :) It could be completed in about an hour or so.
We'd love to see your own creations!

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  1. Absolutely Loooove it! Now I know what you mean by ruffles going the other way! good job!

  2. That is so cute! I really want to make one, but not sure I'll find the time. Thanks for linking up!


  3. That is so pretty! Love the flowers! Have a great week, Vicky

  4. Excellent do over! Now if only I had time to make one... :)

  5. that is super super cute! i think i need one!


  6. Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy! I love this wreath and the fabric ruffles!

  7. Joined the party over at "To Sew With Love" and saw your link there...fabulous! I love the colors and attention to detail!

  8. gorgeous wreath! thanks for linking up at our crafty saturday party! and you did it again (lol) we are featuring your project tomorrow! we are totally digging this pretty wreath! can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  9. I love it; such a pretty wreath! The flowers are super cute too!


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