Ever build a float?

I haven't!
This is a first for me and it sure has been a learning experience. It's been fun and tiring.
In our small town there's a big parade called All Schools Day and all the Kindergartens do a float. This year, with our first kindergartner, we were so lucky to get to "volunteer" to be in charge. Luckily we have some skilled parents who were willing to dive in with us. We had a master mind who designed and directed the building. That was a huge relief since my husband and I don't have any real building skills.
Well, the building phase is done and now we've moved on to the decorating. Here are some pictures I would like to share with you.
Oh, the theme of the parade is "Life's Shining Moments". Our theme that fits under that is, "This is how we Shine" We decided to focus on the Kindergartners and how they "shine". In kindergarten they learn to read, they learn to tie their shoes, numbers are introduced and you know they're always coloring and creating beautiful art! So our float includes, a shoe, a book, crayons, blocks and dominoes.
It's turning out pretty cool!
Here's some pics of the completed structures.
This is the front looking toward the back. That's the crayon box in the front.
This is the side view.
The shoe.
The book at the back end.
The blocks.
One of the side benches with a rope seat belt.
There will be more pictures to come!!


  1. Yes, I have built a float. Got the Grand Marshall's Award. But, I don't envy you. It's TONS of work, your's looks like it's going great!

  2. Wow! Good luck, that definitely looks like a lot of work. I'm sure it will turn out spectacular!

  3. Shannon I knew you must have built a float! If it hadn't been so busy with wedding plans I would've picked your brain for ideas and help.


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