The Throne

This is one of my favorite things from my nieces wedding!! Isn't it so original?
It's a Mr. and Mrs. Throne!
The master mind, Shannon (click here), is responsible.
I love that it's made from 2 old doors! And, yes and, it's such a useful piece of decor because it's going to be used in their house!! Can you feel my excitement?! They have some vintage door knobs (picture near the bottom of this post) that are going to be attached above the glass panes and used to hang things on!! LOVE IT!!
(I had to borrow this pic. because I didn't have a good one)
The vintage door knobs to be attached.
Again, Shannon, you rock!!


  1. I loved this idea too. I'm actually thinking about using something similar for Oloiso's luau birthday. Where anyone who wants to take a picture with him can sit and hold him. Now to just find the pieces to put together. Wish my sisters were here to help me.

  2. Shaz, that's a great idea!! I wish I was there to help you too! It would be so much fun! Definitely check second hand stores, there are so many treasures there. And hey I'm waiting for you beautiful Easter post.

  3. Thanks again Chels. It made me post a couple of the in-process and thought process photos on my Celebrate blog.

    FYI - I am combining Bitesized with and will be getting rid of the Bitesized site. So any links should go there ( now.

    Mashaide, I so want to see what you come up with talented lady.


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