Sideboard/Credenza Furniture Re-do

This is what I got (almost) finished with today.
My new, but old sideboard/credenza (minus the drawer pulls that are on order).
I have done a lot of searching and searching for a perfect sideboard/buffet/credenza for my family room and this is the best one for the cheapest price. This beauty is called the "Harwick 4+2 Buffet" & it's gorgeous. It's a bargain for $269 + $50 shipping & it's made of poplar wood. Anything else I found in this style/size was $600+, so I was ready to buy this one.
But...this buffet only came with the 4 cabinets instead of 3, so it was going to be a little big for the space & it wasn't going to ship to me until August. I just couldn't wait that long to fix up this room.

One day I was luckily browsing craigslist and I found this baby. It's oak and it was listed for $100. We bought it for $90 and that was a steal compared to what I was ready to spend on the online one. And...this one was the PERFECT size!!

  My husband went with me to look at it & pick it up after we decided to purchase it.

  I removed all the hardware and got busy sanding, and sanding, and sanding! Good thing we own an electric sander. I went to ACE hardware and found some Black Benjamin Moore Regal paint that was 40% off--SCORE! I bought a quart for around $11 & after cleaning, sanding, & wiping it down, I started painting.
**post edit: I used a mini roller that I got with my free paint sample from Valspar Paint (The Power in Color Giveaway). I used a foam brush to paint in the small spaces, but I still went over the top with the roller because I liked the finished look it gave.
Since this project took me a while I stored my painting supplies in a freezer Ziploc bag, so the paint wouldn't dry out.

This is what it looked like after being painted, minus the cabinet doors. Remember this post where I was de-junking my house? This is the same area, but much cleaner.
Want to see the post on this picture arrangement? Click here.

This is the hardware I purchase today at ACE hardware. We're pretty limited on where we can shop in this small rural town. These knobs were $3.49 each.
And these hinges were $3.49 for a two pack. The drawer pulls had to be ordered in and they were $4.49 each. This total project cost me around $131. I love to save money on projects!
This is totally a staged picture because I haven't decided what to decorate the top with yet, but I had to put something there so it wouldn't look so plain. Oh yeah, now I have to move ALL my family pictures over because I decided it was too close to my desk (fun--not!). I'll be sure to share pictures when this area is completely finished.
*post edit: If you want to see the finished product with the handles, click here.

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  1. Looks wonderful! What did you use to paint it - roller, paintbrush?

  2. Awesome! Looks alot like the (much pricier) one I bought recently lol. Good job with the money saving!

  3. Love it! This looks almost exactly like the sideboard we have! We also had to sand & paint our black so I know what a chore that is. It looks amazing!

    Your previous poster asked about a roller vs. paintbrush. We used a roller on the large areas because it dries with less brush strokes and looks cleaner. We used a brush for the doors and small areas.

  4. This is so cute! I love the brown color and the handles you chose! So lovely!

    I host a weekly Friday link party I would love you to join if you are interested.


  5. NICE!! Where did you put it? You did a great job and what a great find. Miss ya!

  6. Love it! Wow, what a great price, what a beautiful look you created. Can't wait to see what you do with it - I liked the "staged" look :) Thanks for sharing at Show & Tell.

    Mary @ Redo 101

  7. That's exactly what I need. Wow! It turned out absolutely beautiful. I actually like it better than the one you posted that had four doors. Can't wait to see pictures when finished. Although the staged look is beautiful!

  8. Looks beautiful! And always so rewarding to re-do AND save money :)

  9. Love this! I'm a new follwer.. found you on the linky party! I did the entry garage door. I couldn't believe your before photo of the dresser. Amazing!

  10. I love this! It looks clean and modern! I ESP love the family photo wall. The letters for family and the frames I dot are really clever!

  11. I just found you through blog browsing. I love your redo. It came out beautifully! Great job!

  12. Very nice makeover. You certainly got the same look for way less. I just painted a hutch black. I love black furniture.

  13. Wow! It looks great, don't you just love Craigslist and 40% off? You made a high score on this project. New follower....stop by for a blog visit.

  14. Wow, what a lovely make over, i think it looks great! :) I love the colour too.

    Tnx for linking up at Who Made What? Weekends!

  15. it looks just like your inspiration picture! wonderful job!

  16. great transformation!! if you like to "party" I hope you'll stop by and join in on my blog party too!


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