Halloween Decorations: Ghost and Mummy

Yesterday a friend called me up and said she had a great idea for a few Halloween decorations. 
She had left over bowling pins from a previous craft project and decided she wanted to make them into ghosts and mummies.
They turned out awesome!

 It was such a simple idea and a simple plan. 
She did all the prep work by getting everything together and prepared before I got there. She painted the red stripes with white acrylic and then did a quick coat of white spray paint over that. Then when I arrived we cut a few pieces of cheese cloth that would be long enough to come down on the sides of the bowling pin and we trimmed it where it was too long. We used 2 layers for the ghosts and then draped it over the bowling pin. Oh, and yes, we drew eyes on the bowling pin with a black paint pen.
For the mummy, we cut long strips of cheesecloth, Mod Podged the body and wrapped it around until it was mostly covered. We left a little slit to draw some eyes and the we used a brown stain to dirty it up a little.

I just love how they turned out!!
I can't wait to get the rest of our Halloween decorations out and start putting them up with the kids! 


  1. What a great idea!!! They're so cute!

    Mandi at BBM

  2. Oh these are so cute!!! And such a clever use of left over crafting supplies.

    Thanks for linking these up to my Monster Mash Bash!!


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