Pick Your Plum 3 Tiered Stand

I've seen this stand on the Internet many times and I love how versatile it is. I saw it on sale at Pick Your Plum and I just had to have it. The day I got it, I set it up and decorated it for Christmas. Imagine how many uses this stand will have. I can't wait to use it all year round.

It's the perfect place for my Christmas Geese!

Greenery from Michael's Store

You can see more ideas on how to decorate this stand and where to buy it here.

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  1. nice post!!
    Thank you for sharing best post here.

  2. This is very great and brilliant information.

  3. I love this tray. I have several but wondered where to find the rectangle trays or is this your original design? So cute and a space saver too!!
    Thanks for sharing another great project.


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