A Month of Meaningful Photography - Day 29

For the month of March we're practicing photography and taking a month of meaningful photos. For our introduction, click here.

 My Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning is really hard for me if it's before 9am. Although I get up before 9am every morning, I feel like I don't actually wake up until 9am. Anyway, this is meaningful to me because even though it's hard, I still get up to take care of my girlies. And I'm working on getting up even earlier so I can actually make them a breakfast instead of giving them cereal:) It's not going so well with the baby still waking up 3 times during the night. Well, tomorrow's another day, which means another try:)

Edited Photo

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  1. I have really enjoyed looking at your Monthly meaningful photos. This one really caught my eye. I am still up with a baby 3 times/night. She is 8 months old. I am the same way. So tired in the morning. I have dreams of making breakfast for my girls in the morning too right now.

    Love your blog!



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