A Month of Meaningful Photography - Day 1

Creative Momma C came up with the awesome idea of taking a picture a day for the month of March. Since we both recently got new cameras we thought this would be a great way for us to practice our photography.
In addition to that, we've both been thinking a lot about our blog and how much time we've put into building it up. As most of you know it takes a lot of time to manage a blog, especially if you want your blog to have meaningful content. It also takes a lot of time networking to get traffic to your blog. Anyway, we both have families and never joined together in this blogging adventure to have it take over our lives. With all that being said, we've decided to join our photography practice with something meaningful in our lives.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a Regional Women's Conference and listen to an awe inspiring woman, Julie B. Beck. I was once again reminded about how important my role is as a mother and wife. Sometimes I get caught up in life and I forget that important role and it's so wonderful to be reminded.
For the month of March we are going to focus all our photography practice on "What Matters Most" to each of us & we're going to share that with all of you. Our hope is that you'll follow along and do the same--take pictures of what matters most to you. At the end of the month we're going to have a linky party and we hope you'll share your favorite photo that you took in the month of March that reminds you of what matters most to you.
And here are our first photos of the month:
Creative Momma C's Original Photo
Taken at 9:35am a little overcast
ISO:400 Shutter Speed: 1/40 F-stop:4.0

Edit 1
Edit 2
This is my darling 5 month old baby. As babies go, they demand to be a priority. I love this sweet priority and feel it is a blessing to be able to hold her and squeeze her. I admit, I do get impatient, but at the rate that babies grow, I often long for yesterday and I know I'm only going to get to hold her for so long. Squeezes little baby! I love you!

Creative Momma D's Original Photo

Taken at 10:36am - overcast ISO:800 Shutter Speed: 1/200 F-stop:4.5

Edit 1
This is a picture of my daughter taking her temperature right before we left to the Dr. office where she tested positive for Strep throat :(

Edit 2
This picture was actually an accident, but I decided in the end to leave this photo dark.
I love how you can see her beautiful outline with the light behind her and you can still see some features in her face showing how sick she feels.
This picture reminds me of my important role in my children's lives when they are sick.
Don't we all want our mothers when we're sick? I know I do!
This shot is linked up at:
Sweet Shot Day


  1. Hey Chelsea, those pictures are precious, especially the last one, with your girl, before going to the doctor. I also love how it turned out, almost like a sillouette.

    I'm also here to let you know that you WON, the FABULOUSLY DOMESTIC giveaway. COngratulations!!!!

    Shoot me an email, and I'll get you in touch with Ambrosia.

    Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  2. I just found your blog from a comment over on Thirty Days. I just got my first DSLR for my birthday and am taking a couple photo classes this week. I'd love to join in with you for the month of March. Sounds like a great way to practice and share with other newbies!

    And you are so right - I am getting a new blog going (after being absent from blogging while my twins were newborns) and it definitely is a lot of work. I love it though!

    Nice to meet you and look forward to seeing the photos you shoot! PS. Your girls are beautiful :)


  3. I actually really like the dark one, too. Almost like an old fashioned silhouette. Great idea to take pictures of what matters most to you. They'll love it when they get older.

  4. Ahh...silhouette shots are nice. You just gave me a new picture idea to steal. Thanks!


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