A Month of Meaningful Photography - Day 6

Creative Momma D's SOOC Photo

Taken at 10:41pm in B&W Camera: Canon Rebel XS ISO: 800 Shutter Speed: 1/6 F-stop: 7.1 Flash: None
You may be wondering to yourself why anyone would take a photo of their dirty laundry. Well, I admit it kind of is a strange thing to take a photo of, but as I was thinking of what meaningful photo I could take today, I thought of laundry.
Who doesn't want clean laundry?
Who's gonna do that dirty laundry?
In our home, that job is mine. I don't love it, but it's a job that has to be done, and it gives me great pleasure to know that my family has clean clothing to wear. Hey wait, I should have taken a picture of their clean clothes :)
We all know it's a NEVER ending, thankless job, but I love that the end result is clean clothes!

Edited Photo


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