My Dreaded Kitchen Counter!!!

Here's anther project that I tackled on Monday when I was crazy cleaning/organizing woman!

This is THAT kitchen counter, you know the one that everything gets thrown on.
I can't stand to look at it and I have no idea why everything ends up on it.

  Another view of the lovely mess.

  When I said I was "de-junking" I wasn't joking! This is what it looks like now. You better believe I've been threatening the kids that if they set anything on the counter, they're busted ;) I haven't decided what I want on the counter yet, so that's for another day, but at least it's finally CLEAN!! Maybe now I can get back to sewing and crafting :)



  1. my counter that has the phone on it is the exact same way! And I have no idea why! I hope yours stays clean cuz it looks great!!

  2. I have one of those spaces too. Great job, momma! What a huge difference!

  3. I love that feeling, going from sooo messy to clean! Awesome!


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