A Month Of Meaningful Photography-Day 9

For the month of March we're practicing photography and taking a month of meaningful photos. For our introduction, click here.
Creative Momma C's SOOC Photo

Taken at 4:00pm on a mostly sunny day
Camera: Canon Rebel T1i
Lens:Tamron 18-270mm
ISO:100 Shutter Speed:1/160 F-stop:6.3
The other day I was able to play outside with my girls. They decided they wanted to collect old snail shells....and so we did!
Sometimes you gotta just play in the dirt with your kiddos and remember what it's like to be a kid.
lightened shadows, sharpened, and warmed
Creative Momma D's SOOC

Taken at 4:54pm Camera: Cannon Rebel XS White Balance: auto setting ISO:400 Shutter Speed: 1/8 F-stop: 7.1 Flash: None
This is my edited photo because I forgot to load the SOOC shot.
I took this picture for a recipe post and I really liked it.
Not that this is a really profound picture or anything, but it's a reminder that sometimes I can make fast dinners and just be happy that my family is fed. This is what happens when I have a sick daughter, a billion things to do and I still have to go to pack night and mutual in the same night :)


  1. Hey Chelsea! What photo editing program do you currently use?

  2. Nice! Well since you use Elements, I'd suggest checking out some websites that offer free actions like:


    These are the first actions I ever used and they are great! They totally changed the way I thought about photo editing.

  3. Thanks Karilyn! What an awesome site with a ton of freebies. So glad you shared with us!!


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