April PTO Teacher Spotlight Bulletin Board

For April I just had to do something with an Easter bunny & Easter eggs.

So this is what I came up with--Easter baskets, filled with Easter eggs.
The eggs list all the "get to know me" things about each teacher.
I had the pictures with frames behind them, but the teachers kept adding pictures (which is totally fine, but the reason they don't have the cute frames).

It's kinda hard to see Mr. bunny, but he's still cute.

Here's one of the baskets close up.

  This is my favorite part of the bulletin board--the grass. I just think it's so fun.

  Here is the whole board. I should have taken pictures when I was first finished, so there wouldn't be all the things in front of the bulletin board, but I forgot to bring my camera with me.
Also, the paperclips hanging at the top of the board are not part of my decor, but a contest to see if a class can reach them to the front of the school by earning each paperclip. Anyway, you get the view with the table full of art in front of the board :)


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