Buttoned Letter

I love letters because they are so fun to decorate with.

I made this d out of chipboard, paint & buttons.

I printed a lowercase d on paper using a font I liked.
I printed the letter in a really huge size.
Then I traced it on the back of some really thick chipboard.

I cut the chipboard with an exacto knife &
painted the letter pink (my craft room is green & pink, so it had to match).

Then came the really fun part, finding lots of buttons.
After finding all the right shades I attached them with hot glue & voila, I was done.

Very simple and lots of fun decorating with buttons.
This is something kids could enjoy too, but with glue gun help :)

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  1. Really cute! I've done these before, but I mounted mine on canvas & framed them. You can see them in this post:


  2. I love the letter. Hopefully, someday I will incorporate some into the decor of my kids bedrooms.

  3. Love pink & green! Can't wait to see your entire completed craft room.


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