Word up. It's Wordgirl.

My kids LOVE this show & they wanted Word Girl outfits for Christmas.
I know it's not Christmas, but I finally found time to do this project.
Better late then never!!

They were SUPER easy to make and I'm going to show you how you can make one too.
I bought long sleeve red shirts & pants at Walmart for like $3 or $4 a piece.
Can't remember because it was all the way back in December that I bought them.
The first thing I did was find the word girl design on the Internet and I printed it out in the size I wanted.

Then I ironed on HeatnBond on the back of my yellow fabric.

Next, I traced my design on the back of the fabric, (on the Heatnbond paper) & then cut it out.

After, I took the paper off the back of the design...

And ironed it on the shirt with the shiny side down.

For an extra hold, I stitched all along the outside and inside of my design.

  And there you have it, one Word Girl shirt! But of course I couldn't stop there, Word Girl has a cape too.

  For the cape, I cut out a large rectangular piece of fabric. (I just held it up to my girls and made sure I liked the length.) I hemmed the sides and bottom of the cape to finish the edges.

  Then I folded down the top, making sure there was enough room for my elastic, then I stitched along the top and bottom of my fold.

  Next, I measured the elastic around my girls' necks, cut it and threaded it through the top of the cape.

  Once I got the elastic threaded far enough through, I made sure to zig zag stitch the elastic at one end. After threading it all the way through, I zig zag stitched the other end to keep the elastic secured.

  The last thing I added to the cape were snaps, two to be exact. And that's it, all done!

  Two word girl outfits in one afternoon & two very happy girls!

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  1. I love it! My kids love to watch word too.

  2. We love that show! What a great momma, I hope they know how much love went into those costumes. Way to go, momma!

  3. So cool! And those girls are just darling!

  4. Look at you! How could they not love them? Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!

  5. Those rock! The girls look so happy in them too!

  6. Love this. I would love it if you would post this to my Upcycled Awesome linky party! http://tinyurl.com/upcycled40

  7. Well aren't they lucky to have a mum who can sew! :)

    Tnx for stopping by to link this up at Who Made What? Weekends! :)


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