Basement Rearranged

These are some pictures before we organized and rearranged the basement. It
doesn't meet the vision I have, but it's good enough for now, and most importantly, it's organized!
Ah! Too much stuff!!
Here are some after pics. Again, not the vision, but functional and clean!


  1. Wow Chels, it looks really awesome! You've been organizing like a crazy woman :)

  2. can you come over to my house next? I need some serious organization ;p it looks good both ways to me!

  3. Wow, that's a big basement. But it sure looks great now that you have it all organized. That's one thing I think I really enjoy doing. Organizing. Even though it was a little task, I just finished organizing or first aid tote. Now on to the next project.

  4. I love it!! It looks great!! And you've given me the drive to think about tackling our office :)


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