Wedding Time

 This last week, I had a nephew and a niece, from the same family get married. Luckily, my nephew had a photographer, but last minute, my niece told me their photographer wasn't going to b able to make it, so she asked me to take some pics. Did I mention I was barely an amatuer? Anyway, I was so glad I was able to do it for her without the stress of knowing weeks before.
Here are a few pics.
Soon, I'll be sharing some great ideas from her amazingly talented and skilled mom, our sister.


  1. Beautiful Chels! Amatuer? I think not. And do I really have to wait for great ideas. Way to tease! Not fair.

  2. Can't wait so see all the cool wedding creativity! Great pics Chelsea!

  3. Nice work Chels! The pics are beautiful!


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