2013 Christmas Tree in the Alba Home

I used the same colors as I did last year because I really wanted to make a tree skirt to match it, but never got around to it last year.  Finally, I made it this year & it matches my tree nicely.

Here are my camera settings for this picture:
f-stop: f/22
exposure time: 20 seconds
ISO: 400
No flash
Shutter priority

I love having all kinds of texture on my tree.

This picture is from the ground looking up at the tree. I think this angle is kinda fun.

This is the tree skirt I made with orange, brown & cream colored fabric.  Here is where I got my inspiration.

Even though I like Christmas trees with lights on the best, I still think it's beautiful during the daytime.

My son calls this tree a Thanksgiving tree because of the colors I used.  He's right, it does look a little Thanksgivingy. :)

Merry Christmas!!

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