Child Jean Apron Tutorial

I've been asked by quite a few people to post a tutorial on how to make this apron.
I finally got around to it since I decided to make one as a Christmas gift.

First thing I did was take the pockets off an old pair of jeans.
I happen to have a lot of old jeans that no longer fit me. ;)

Next I cut up the inseam of both pant legs & cut each pant leg off under the pocket.

This is what your jeans should look like after cutting.

I created my own pattern from scrap paper.  
Pin pattern to jean leg with neck hole at bottom of pant leg & seam in center of pattern.

Make sure your neck hole is big enough to fit over child's head.
Cut one piece out of each pant leg.

Sew shoulder seams with right sides together using a heavy duty needle.
I used my serger & two heavy duty needles, but you can also use a sewing machine.

Using ribbon, fabric or bias tape sew along all outer edges & neck of apron.
I used a double needle just for fun, but a single heavy duty needle will work just fine.
You could also do some fun stitching for different looks.

I used double sided ribbon and folded it over the edge of the jean fabric & sewed it in place.
I like ribbon because it already has finished edges.
This is what your apron should look like at this point.

Decorate your pockets however you want.
For this apron I sewed the ribbon right on top of the pocket with my double needle.
I sewed along both edges to make 4 stitches just for decorative purposes.

On my previous apron, I sewed the ribbon on the inside of the pocket, after gathering the ribbon.

Pin pockets to front of apron & sew along original pocket seam lines.

Cut 4 ties & sew onto apron at waist level on all four sides.

Make sure you finish the edges of each tie so they won't fray and be sure you make them long enough to tie into a bow.

At this point you could be done, or you could add some embellishments.
On my previous apron, I made flowers out of gathered ribbon & used my awesome I-top tool for the buttons.

These make the perfect aprons for little ones because they cover up so much of their clothing.
Perfect for painting, coloring, play doh & so many other things.
Plus, they're inexpensive to make because they're made from old jeans.

I hope you can use this tutorial to make some of your own little jean aprons.

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