While searching the internet for a lasagna recipe, I found this one & let me tell you, it is so yummy!
The recipe title is "World's Best Lasagna" & I had some friends who tried it tell me that they thought it really was the world's best recipe.  Now, it's the best recipe I've found so far.  That is, besides my Italian husband's family recipe, but that recipe is non-sharable.  Sorry. :)

Here are the alterations that I made:
-15 oz. can of tomato sauce (Because that's what I had in my pantry)
-Romano cheese instead of parmesan cheese (Because we always used Pecorino Romano instead of parmesan)
-I use only half the sauce & save the rest to make another lasagna.  This recipe makes a lot of sauce.
-When making the lasagna I construct it in the normal fashion by laying noodles next to each other, instead of overlapping and using as many as the recipe calls for.

Since this recipe takes some work, I make two lasagnas, so I have two meals for my efforts.

All opinions are my own, this recipe is not mine & I didn't receive anything for sharing this recipe.  I just cooked it tonight & I love it so much I wanted to share it with you.
Enjoy! :)

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