Red Chevron Christmas Tree

I was selected to be part of the Christmas Craft Challenge over at May Arts Ribbon & I was given 4 different ribbons to create a craft out of.  These are the 4 ribbons that I chose...

I love creating Christmas Tree topiaries, so that's what I decided to make with the ribbon that I received.

Instructions to create this tree:
1.  Glue the red chevron ribbon diagonally on the tree cone. (You can make your own like I did here, or buy one.)
2.  Fold the white sheer tinsel edged ribbon in half and glue to the bottom edge of the tree.
3.  Glue the red mini pom pom ribbon at the bottom edge of the tree so pom poms hang down.
4.  Pull the red stitching of the solid stitched center ribbon to gather ribbon & create a yoyo flower.
5.  Glue flower to top of tree and add embellishment to center of yoyo flower.

If you want the chance to win your choice of 3 full spools of ribbon, go visit May Arts Ribbon.

You can find all the ribbons I used listed here: May Art Christmas Craft Challenge

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