Christmas 2013 at the Holden Home

Christmas 2013 in the Holden home.
My grand-daughter and son holding hands in front of the Christmas tree.
Definitely a beautiful moment. These two really love each other.
So I finally changed my colors this year. Purple, Turquoise and Silver.
I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, finally. I know they aren't traditional colors but I'm so in love with my tree.
In the below picture this is pretty true to the actual colors of the ornaments. I found it wasn't so easy trying to capture the purple of my ornaments.
In order to capture the true colors with my camera, I found I had to take the pictures in natural light during the day. Therefore, didn't really get the sparkle of the lights. That's okay because my tree is absolutely beautiful without the lights.

You can see how the lighting affects the color in the below picture. Still beautiful but the ornaments and ribbon are purple not pink.
 I just can't resist putting pictures of this beautiful boy in my post.
After all, he did help me decorate the tree.
It's so hard deciding which pictures to post. Sometimes I just want to post them all.
A close up of some of the beautiful ornaments.
Glitter, sparkles, sequins, and bling. What more could a girl ask for?

 And one more of my little helper because he's just so handsome!
2013 Christmas at our house


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  1. It is a beautiful tree! Merry Christmas to all you gals.

  2. I love it, Mashaide! Such beautiful colors & ornaments.

  3. Wow!! This tree is stunning! The colors look fantastic! !

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