Fabric Ruffle Christmas Tree Tutorial

I've had many ideas swimming around in my head about what to do for my cone Christmas trees this year.
Last year I made these tissue Christmas trees and I wanted to do something different this year, so I decided on fabric trees.

I've had many different techniques in mind, but for my first tree I settled on a ruffle tree, but with a diagonal slant to the ruffles.  Here are the steps I took to make this tree.

Cut 1 inch strips of fabric.

Using sewing machine make each strip into a ruffle.

With first ruffled strip start at the top of your cone and hot glue ruffle to cone.

Continue gluing ruffle to cone in a diagonal pattern with each ruffle butted up next to each other, not on top of the previous ruffle.

Be sure to only put hot glue down the middle of each ruffle so the ruffle itself will stick up.  (glue on the thread, like in this picture)

Here is my final product.
This year I bought my cone at a local craft store for $1.50.
I figured that was a steal, but if you can't find that good a deal you can still make your own cone by following my previous tutorial here.
This tree took me around 2 hours to make.
Happy Christmas tree crafting and stay tuned for my other two trees :)

**Post edit:  click here to see my other two fabric trees.

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  1. Gorgeous! If I get ambitious, I'm trying this!


  2. Oh, how fun! Great job! I'd be so excited if you'd join my party and share it here:


  3. This is such a cute tree! :) Stopping by from The Scrap Shoppe's Homemade Christmas Party!

  4. Your tree is so pretty and I've got this linked to my Christmas trees post today - happy holidays!

  5. Thanks for sharing the patterns, well just in time as I am looking for a new project to deal with my free time for this season, it's stunning dear, can't wait to start working for it.


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