YW Christmas Gifts

This year for our YW Christmas gifts we decided to make these plaques.

I found this idea on the Internet which was my inspiration & when I did a Google search I found this design that I wanted to use.

 One of our YW leaders, Rachel & her husband, cut all the wood boards & painted them.
She even distressed them--so awesome!

**For those of you who've asked, the boards are 2 feet long and half of them are 7 inches wide & the other half are about 5 3/4 inches wide.

I found cute coordinating scrapbook cardstock & cut out the letters with my Cricut.

Then all us leaders got together and had a little Mod Podge party :)

I think they all turned out so cute & each one is different to show how we're all different yet beautiful when we are uniquely ourselves.

I found this story from the Dec. New Era LDS church magazine & used the following quote which I added to a tag to go with each plaque.

"For a moment, I saw myself through God’s eyes, and it was glorious. I was completely myself. Not the self that others expected me to be. Not even the self that I was “supposed” to be. The self that God knew was in me—the truest part of my soul.

What freedom I felt then. I was of worth! I was worth something because I was myself. Me. God loved me, not my skills or my looks. I was beautiful and precious just because I was His daughter."
-Amy Jones, New Era Dec. 2011, Dancing by the Light of a Christmas Tree.

This is such a wonderful message & something I hope we all learn.

Thanks to all the wonderful YW leaders who helped make these gifts!!!
*Be sure to check out Rachel's blog for her awesome pictures of this project.

Also, if you work with the Young Women in your church you should check out this site Young Women Inspiration.  It has so many great ideas!



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    1. Hi! I'm interested in making these for our YW Birthday gifts -- could you please send me the file that you have saved with the lettering and I was wondering what the dimensions were of the boards you used? Thanks! My email is hollyd98@yahoo.com

  3. I love this and want to do this also. I have a cricut and having a hard time finding a cartridge that has the script You. you have the font name but what cartridge is that from. Or did you do the new fancy cricut craft room. I have not ventured there yet.
    Thank you. wilcox.alix@gmail.com

  4. Can you send me the file and the info for these amazing signs?



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