Mini Apple Pies

I saw the cutest mini pies on Pinterest & I knew I just had to make them.
My husband and I were invited to a Pie Night, so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to make these.

They were not that difficult to make, but the lattice did take some time.
I should have looked at my pin on Pinterest before I made these because then I wouldn't have tried to curl the edges.

I used two 9" refrigerated pie crusts & cut them using a circle cookie cutter.
Then I pressed them into my muffin tins.

Next, I filled them with apple pie filling.

And topped them with a lattice design.  Don't look too closely at my messed up lattices :)
To make the pie top, I just cut another circle using my circle cutter & then sliced it into pieces to use for the lattice.  I would suggest cutting the strips just the size of the pie & not trying to fold them into the bottom layer of crust.

And here they are--bite sized.

Click here to see where I got the inspiration to make these.
See how perfect her lattice is?   You should copy her top design :)

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  1. They do look so sweet! I saw some apples pies on Pinterest too and they were baked right inside the apples like little pies.. oh yum!

  2. Oh my gosh! So stinkin cute!! And a pie night sounds so fun!!


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